equinoxHello fabulous Vermonters!

I have had a wonderful day collaborating with you! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all worked in the same district? Magic!

I wanted to share the Powerpoint I presented. You are welcome to use/revise and share with your staff. Also, feel free to contact me any time. You can reach me in any/all of the following ways:

Lastly, a few of you asked about my book, UDL Now. You can purchase UDL Now! on Amazon or if you are interested in buying bulk and receiving a huge discount, contact CAST directly. For 10-49 copies, they offer 20% off the list price. For 50 or more copies, 25% off the list price. Inquiries to David Gordon: publishing@cast.org or via 781-245-2212. Tax and shipping are additional. Nonprofits need to provide proof of IRS nonprofit status. Terms subject to change.


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