Please note Katie Novak is currently booked for all in-person professional development opportunities through June, 2019.

As Katie is working as Assistant Superintendent of the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District in MA, she is only available for limited professional development presentations each year. All dates until June, 2019 have been booked. That being said, she has some amazing colleagues who can design and deliver high quality PD and she would be happy to connect you with a fabulous presenter.

If you would like to book a presentation in June 2019, or later, please contact us as soon as possible as opportunities are already booking fast into 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Katie Novak “UDLs” UDL PD by offering a number of offerings throughout the day so everyone experiences PD she/he can access. Consider starting the morning with a keynote, transition to an interactive workshop, offer an “immersion experience” where all educators are students in a graduate UDL course, give all participants an opportunity to access an online mini-course and/or take time for a book chat, and then provide choices for reflection in the afternoon. You can even put on masks and celebrate your UDL superhero-ness (see photo!).

Group Fun

Katie is completely flexible and can design any type of presentation to meet your needs. Whether you have a group of 5 or 3000, Katie can design a series of professional development sessions that meet your needs. Below are a sampling of descriptions for sessions Katie have presented in the past, but she is happy to design a new session just for you.

UDL Presentation Formats

  • In-person UDL presentation, tailored to specific outcomes of your organization.
  • Online Graduate Course for long-term facilitator training: A 12-week online coaching experience, using Canvas, to train teacher leaders in how to lead the UDL initiative at the district level. This course is eligible for 3 graduate credits. The course includes training of UDL theory and practice, leadership principles, and provides numerous opportunities to create universally designed presentations, book club guides, PLC protocols, staff meeting activities, and norms to scale and optimize UDL in the district.
  • Webinar: Similar to an online presentation, but done virtually. Webinars are generally 60-90 minutes in length to present new information, followed by a protocol for a facilitator to continue the work so educators can apply new knowledge and skills using multiple means of action and expression.
  • Leadership training: Provide support for leaders on universally designed leadership. Focused on collaborating with all district stakeholders to create logic models and an action plan that will result in a strategic plan for UDL moving forward. Also focuses on creating meaningful observation tools to emphasis what to look for in classrooms and how to provide feedback to continue to improve the outcomes of all students (can be done in an in-person training or in a 2-hour webinar with the design of protocols to facilitate at future staff meetings).

UDL Presentation Topics

  • The 5-step UDL process – making integrated, sustainable action plans for long-term UDL implementation
  • UDL implementation in the classroom – elementary, secondary, and in higher education
  • Recruiting and engaging students in the UDL experience by creating a shared culture of mastery-oriented feedback
  • UDL and professional development – how to design UDL experiences for educators and model UDL during the implementation process
  • UDL and its alignment with college and career ready standards and critical next generation skills
  • UDL engagement and its alignment to the work of Carol Dweck and Growth Mindset
  • UDL and its applicability to multi-tiered systems of support models
  • How UDL ensures social justice and cultural responsiveness for students of all variability and aligns to Frattura’s work on the Integrated Comprehensive System
  • UDL in the Cloud: How to universally design online learning experiences for students of all variability

During all in-person trainings, participants have access an online supplement to the presentation at Canvas Learning Management System. This LMS allows for more differentiated options and allows everyone to access extension opportunities during the presentation and after its completion. The modules include multiple options for participants to explore peer-reviewed articles, videos, online tutorials, protocols, etc.. to help them guide their learning. The modules also allows multiple opportunities for participants to join discussions, post lesson ideas for peer review, and collaborate.

If you’re interested in moving forward, Katie can design and deliver the perfect UDL experience.