I have practiced yoga for years, and only yesterday it struck me that yoga is the ultimate example of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). ¬†If you’ve never experienced the calm of a quiet mind, yoga is for you, regardless of

Preparing for the PARRC: A Cheat Sheet that Highlights Instructional Shifts

The Common Core and the PARRC require the following instructional shifts. This information is summarized from the PARRC Model Content Framework, version 2.0, just in case you didn’t sit down with a cup of coffee for a close reading of

Want Achievement? Provide Choice

Last week I attended a Debbie Miller seminar, and her message aligned beautifully to both UDL and the Common Core. I just have to share. She began the session by explaining that the Common Core requires in-depth teaching and learning

What’s your Essential Course of Study (ECOS)?

I am lucky enough to work in a fabulous school district РChelmsford Public Schools Рas the Reading Coordinator, K-12, ELL Director, and writing specialist at Harrington Elementary (Go Lions!). In my role as the Reading Coordinator, I had the

Narrative Writing the Common Core Way

The Common Core is raising standards for students and teachers across the country by pushing writing instruction to be text-based, a skill imperative to succeed in college and the workplace. This shift begins as early as first grade, when students

UDL and Common Core Reading

Recently, a number of teachers and administrators have asked me if UDL aligns to the Common Core. The answer is unequivocally yes. UDL is built upon principles of effective instruction, or “the Guidelines,” which embody the Common Core State Standards