A Universally Designed Ride on the Polar Express?

I experienced something with my six-year-old son last weekend. The incident made me realize that it’s possible… just maybe…that I am nailing this parenting thing. Last weekend, we headed up to North Conway, New Hampshire with my parents, my sister

I’m Thankful for Teachers

As I sit down at my computer on this Thanksgiving morning, I can’t help but think of how thankful I am for all the teachers in my life. As the daughter of two teachers, my life, from my first breath,

Announcing Let Them Thrive

Announcing Let Them Thrive

This past year, I often found myself wishing I were blogging more. There is just so much to cover in education, and I want to share everything I can to help teachers and administrators successfully implement UDL and transform education.

The Death of Lecturing and Rise of UDL

The Death of Lecturing and Rise of UDL

“Anyone, anyone?” The air is filled with silence. The boredom in the room is palpable. You are the real-life version Ben Stein’s economic teacher portrayal on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and it’s pretty embarrassing. It’s not your fault. Today’s kids

Summer Reading Magic

I have to start off by saying that I work with the most amazing teachers in the universe. My high school English department, lead by chair, Kelly Cook, is just one example of how the kids in our two towns hit

Vermont + UDL = Magic!

Hello fabulous Vermonters! I have had a wonderful day collaborating with you! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all worked in the same district? Magic! I wanted to share the Powerpoint¬†I presented. You are welcome to use/revise and share with

Kia ora ULearn 14!

Thank you for the kind welcome to New Zealand. I am honored to give a keynote address and present two break-out sessions at ULearn14 in Rotorua. If you’re interested in any of the presentations or handouts, you can access them

Why We Need Visual Texts in the Classroom

Lesson for the Day: Supplementing verbal text with visual text helps to create a universally designed curriculum for all learners. In “Finding the Artist Within,” Alber discusses the importance of blending traditional literacy instruction with art and media-rich text, but

Common Core: We Cannot Turn Back

There is so much energy that goes in to opposing the Common Core. How much more beneficial would it be to expend that energy trying to understand the Core and make it work? My professional opinion? Infinitely. Every student in

Common Core is Not a Curriculum

I am so lucky to have personal connections with some of the most talented teachers in the country (as evidenced by our photo at Education Nation in NYC). What do we have in common? Our support for the Common Core

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