What’s the Role of a Literacy Coach?

Many districts are lucky enough to have literacy coaches, but what is the best model to utilize these talented individuals? I reviewed the research on literacy coaching and summarized information from various sources to help define the role of literacy

UDL isn’t a Diet. It’s a Lifestyle Change

The ultimate goal of UDL implementation is to systematically align all aspects of an organization with UDL.  UDL does not only influence instruction; it affects physical space, capitol planning, and all other strategic goals in a district. District policies like

Visualize the CCSS as an Integrated Whole

When you’re planning lessons using the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), it’s beneficial to visualize them as an integrated whole. Gone are the days where lessons focus on one standard. Instead, the Core allows teachers to delve deep into literacy

Want Meaningful PD? Get Teachers Involved

Recently, I attended the National Teacher Voice Convening in DC, and while I was there, I realized how great my own district’s PD model is. Why? Because it’s run by teachers and it’s totally aligned to the UDL philosophy (for