superheroWant to increase engagement? Add choice. If you’re teaching content standards, allow students to think creatively and choose their own assignment. Throughout the chapter, I provide templates for a number of assignments, including the Business Email Protocol (pg.87), My Name is Brian: Theme Assignment (pg.91), Warts: How to Prevent and Treat Them (pg.92), and Hooray! Hooray! It’s Rewrite Day (pg.96). Feel free to download/use and revise to customize for your students.

Also, PLC Assignment #2 is introduced (pg.94), which encourages you to create your own Choice Assignment. Have fun with it and be amazed at the quality of student work. Comment below with your reflection after you’ve taught your lesson. If you’d like to use the holistic Choice Assignment Rubric (p.95) presented in the text, feel free or create your own.

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